EasyCAP DC60

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Conrad sells this video grabber:

http://www.conrad.nl/ce/de/product/956875 for 20 euro.

  • Video for linux ident: "EasyCAP DC60"
  • lsusb ident: "ID 05e1:0408 Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd STK1160 Video Capture Device"
  • box ident: "Renkforce BR116"

The hardware has 4 leads. 2x stereo sound, 1x CVBS in, 1x S-video in.

Under windows 7 it does not install drivers automatically. There is a driver disk included. Drivers are installed with a setup.exe program. Via directshow it works with VLC.

It works out of the box with 'Linux; Ubuntu quantal'.

RTP streaming of a MPEG TransportStream works with:

vlc -vvv v4l2:///dev/video0 :v4l2-input=5 :v4l2-standard=PAL :v4l2-fps=25 --sout="#transcode{vcodec=mp2v,vb=1000,fps=25,width=720,height=576,ffmpeg-lowres=2,ffmpeg-skip-frame=4,acodec=mpga,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:rtp{dst=saturn,port=5001,mux=ts,ttl=1}" :sout-keep

Under "Ubuntu quantal" :v4l2-input=5 selects the S-video in. Under "Ubuntu raring" another input numbering applies.

Ubuntu raring identifies the grabber as having a saa7113, stk1160 chips.