SDR Frontends

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Software defined radio frontends

Name Price ≈ RX/TRX Baseband interface Control interface Remarks
Zeus-1 €1500 TRX
Matchstiq $4500 TRX
Maveriq TRX
Lima-SDR TRX Audio jack
Flex-radio SDR-1000 TRX Audio jack
UMtrx $1500 (pre-build) TRX also available as opensource hardware
FIFI-SDR RX Audio USB Si570 over USB
USRP1 TRX UHD driver over USB Price varies with different frequency options
HackRF TRX 100 MHz to 6 GHz
BladeRF $420 TRX 300MHz - 3.8GHz
Peaberry SDR V2 Kit $149
ANAN-100D $3340 TRX HF + 6M 100W
Perseus RX Prop. USB2.0
rfspace SDR-IQ $525 RX Prop. USB2.0
Pappradio RX Audio jack over USB
MK1.5 Andrus RX
FA-SDR €135 TRX Audio jack FA-SY over USB
sentinel £170 RX
Burx $750 RX board USRP
3dB SDR $100 RX
Microwave SDR TRX



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