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Different header connector schemes exist for LCD resistive touch panels:

There are still a lot of connector pinnings not documented here. BE CAREFUL before you buy.

The lesson here is, do not buy from supplier when no schematic or pinning is included in order description.

34 pin

dual row connector: 2x17

* pin1: CS
* pin2: RS
* pin3: WR
* pin4: RD

40 pin

dual row connector: 2x20

* pin1: VLED-
* pin2: VLED+
* pin3: GND1
* pin4: VCC

32 pin

female connector on display. in use on 'black STM32F407VET6'

dual row connector: 2x16

pin1: GND
pin2: RST
pin3: D15
pin4: D14
pin31: GND
pin32: 3V3

32 pin

male connector on display.

dual row connector: 2x16

pin1: 3V3
pin2: GND
pin3: D0
pin4: D1