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There is a chance the examples below do not work for your hardware. In that case the best approach is to use the configuration windows in VLC, and when you have a working example for your hardware on the screen, to save the playlist for reference later.


As a framegrabber i use a EasyCAP DC60 clone.

When run at normal settings it creates a lot of load on the USB bus, so when i combine it with the USRP1 i use one PC for the framegrabbing and another PC for the SDR.

I've tried to reduce the load on the USB bus by lowering the framerate of the capture, with the v4l2-fps=5 option, but no definitive results yet.

The playlist i used under linux for the EasyCAP grabber:


The /dev/video1 might be a different device on your system. It depends on how many video sources the are on your system and how they are ordered.


The playlist i used under linux for the builtin webcam of the laptop:


As you can see, almost no configuration needed. The v4l2-standard was set explicit to empty, because any other setting, including omitting did not work.

Under Windows

Unfortunatly VLC has much less control over the directshow driver. The settings for selecting the proper mode are private to the directshow driver, and not settable from vlc.